Do Tinted Windows Keep The Car Cooler?

Tinted windows come with many benefits, the glass that comes with your vehicle when you buy it plain already blocks out some of the UV rays, however, window tint will help to increase the protection if you go to a professional to apply it. 

As a result of this, it protects the interior of your car as well as your own skin. Your upholstery, dashboard and the carpeted areas will all be less likely to fade or crack over time due to sun exposure.

This is very important for people who live in areas where the summer can get increasingly hot. Therefore, there is an argument to say that having tinted windows could actually reduce the chances of skin problems due to UV rays and even reduce the risks of things such as skin cancer from the harmful UV rays that cause it, although this is a topic that is up for debate. 

Benefits of Tinted windows

Window tinting also provides the benefits that if you were to be in a car accident, the tint film may actually help to reduce the breakage in the glass of your car, so, instead of it shattered all over the place and potentially hurting you in the process, it will break into larger, less hazardous pieces. 

It is also harder to see into, so a window tint can help to reduce the chance of theft, as people will not be able to see into the car so easily to see what you have that is up for grabs. Darker windows will deter thieves more 

Tinted windows Vs the sun

However, what we really like about tinted windows is that not only do they do all this, but the tint on the windows does more than just deter the harmful UV rays that damage our skin. Window tints can also do much, much more.

People who live in hot climates love them, because even if you struggle with your air conditioning, getting it to hit that sweet spot where it is not too hot and not too cold, window tinting can help. 

It may be able to regulate the temperature in the car, depending on what grade of tint you get. The film can block out some of the solar heat as well as those harmful rays. This means that the climate inside your car is more balanced and comfortable, as well as requiring less fuel consumption for you to keep the vehicle cool! Keeping you both cool and saving you some money! 

Dealing with thermal radiation

Window tints reduce thermal rays and heat. It is probably one of the top reasons that people tint their windows in their cars, homes, and offices. Window tint is designed to reject thermal rays that make sunlight increase internal temperatures. You can even get solar window tints that only let in certain wavelengths of solar radiation. 

By blocking the wavelengths that create heat and only allowing the ones that create natural light to pass, a solar window tint is basically a filter that prevents interior heating without blocking the illuminating features of the sun.

How much heat can window tints block? 

If you are wondering just how much heat a window tint can block, then you can probably guess that like everything else that revolves around window tint, it varies by the type, be it the type, the shape, and the quality. Different types of tint, and different providers of tint will also offer different types of solar tint, so you should be sure to inquire about the heat rejection percentages of the window tint when you go to one. You can get tints that are 30%, 40% and some that may even be higher. 

If you are unsure about the level of heat rejection that you need in your car, simply explain what you want, and the professionals will help you to choose the type of tint that will best suit you. 

Tinting for the best of both worlds

Window tints do keep cars cooler, the issue with windows such as the windshield, is that they are designed to give you a wide view of the outside world, however, in doing this they also let large amounts of solar energy in. This can heat up your car to uncomfortable levels.

Vehicle window tinting can therefore filter this sunlight, keeping the interior of your car cooler, while still giving you the benefits of being able to see everything that you need to while you drive. The trait is even easily accomplished with windshields since solar tints do not need to be dark in shade, and they do not necessarily restrict your view of the outside world. 

It is even possible to use this same technique with buildings and homes, you may notice that some offices, and school buildings will have window tints on them, when you are working or studying you do not want blinding sunlight or insane temperatures distracting you.

The same goes for driving, with a window tint, you do not need to have the windows wide open to feel comfortable while you drive.