Does WD 40 Remove Tint Glue?

There is nothing worse than a sticky surface, is there? Whether it’s some jam or glue, the feeling makes most of us squirm and reach for the anti-bac. And tint glue is no exception. Sometimes there’s leftover residue on our windows, or we decide to remove the tint and are stuck dealing with the glue, not quite sure how to get it off. 

We spend hours searching and searching, wondering what our solution will be. Then we spot a rogue bottle of WD 40 in our cupboards and wonder, does WD 40 remove tint glue? 

Well, wonder no more as that’s what we are here to find out! Let’s see if WD 40 removes tint glue and how we can use it!

Does WD 40 remove tint glue?

Yes, you can use WD 40 to remove tint glue! The spray can help loosen the glue’s bond with the tint, allowing you to remove it. It can take some elbow grease to do so, but spraying WD 40 directly to the tint is the best way to do this. 

Leave it for a little while and go in with a cloth. It should remove the glue from the tint, allowing you to remove the tint if you wish. You will need to follow some water to clean the windows and remove any sticky residue that remains. 

While it can be a long process and take some tough rubbing, you will be pleased with the results! You also won’t need to worry about the WD 40 doing any harm. The substance will not harm the glass or defrost lines! You will still need to take the necessary precautions when using WD 40, but you don’t need to panic about your car windows getting damaged. 

WD 40 has a low toxicity level and isn’t considered a harmful substance, so that you can use it with peace of mind. However, it’s best to keep the bottle out of reach of children and pets just to be on the safe side. After all, you don’t want there to be any dashes to the ER or vet, do you?

Using WD 40 is an affordable way to remove tint glue from your windows or if you have tipped some on another surface. Providing it is safe for you to use on that surface, you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Most of us even have a bottle of WD 40 lying around in our cupboards or garden shed; why not put it to good use? 

WD 40 will remove most sticky substances from glass and other surfaces and works wonders with tint glue. It might take a while to remove, but trust us, the results will wow you!

What should I use to remove tint glue?

While WD 40 should do the job, it’s not the best way to remove tint glue! You have two other options here, and both will yield positive results. The first is to use a 0000 wire wool and a mixture of dawn dish soap (or any dish soap) with ammonia and hot water. Use the wire wool to apply the mixture to the areas, and the tint glue should come off. 

Remember to be careful when doing so and use gloves to avoid getting any ammonia on your skin and body. It’s an effective way to remove tint glue and shouldn’t be too difficult for you to do. 

Alternatively, you can use rubbing alcohol. Tint glue is soluble in alcohol or ammonia, meaning either of these substances are fantastic ways to break down the bonds the glue has! You can use a mixture suggested above or spray 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol directly onto the window frame. You can use ammonia instead if you wish. The substances will break down the glue, removing it from the tint. 

If you are using rubbing alcohol as part of a solution, dilute it with warm soapy water. Then take a soft cloth and wipe the window until the residue comes off. How long you will need to do this depends on the size of the window and the amount of tint glue on there.

Final Word 

And just like that, we have come to the end of our WD 40 journey today! As you can see, WD 40 will remove tint glue and leave you with windows free from the sticky substance. However, it is not your only choice! You can use some of the other methods we listed and some rubbing alcohol to remove the glue easily. 

Remember to take care no matter what method you use to ensure that you are safe and none of the products used will harm your tint or your windows. After all, the goal is just to remove the tint glue! Keep all substances away from children and animals to ensure their safety, and get ready to remove your tint glue!