How Do You Remove Old Window Tint Glue?

When you decide to get your windows tinted, you often only consider the tint itself. What you might not think about is the glue that attaches the tint to your windows. Even once your tint has been removed, you might find that the glue sticks around. After all, this glue had to be pretty strong in the first place to hold the tint and the glass together. 

Even if you had your window tint removed a long time ago, you might find that some stubborn pieces of adhesive remain. If this happens, it can be very tricky to know how to remove the old window tint glue from your windows.

Thankfully, there are lots of different methods that you can use to do this. In this quick guide, we’ll be taking a look at these and lots more. So, let’s get started. 

Can you remove old window tint glue?

One of the biggest pains of removing window tint is the glue that sticks behind afterward. This glue has to be tough so that it holds the tint in place, but when you decide that you no longer want the tint, it can quickly become annoying.

When you remove your tint, you will often find that the adhesive remains stuck to your window’s glass, leaving it covered in stains. Some of these stains should simply wipe away when you are first removing the tint, but some of them can be a lot more stubborn. 

When you consider how hard it is to remove some very stubborn stains, you might find yourself tempted to simply leave them. After all, they should just come away with time, right? Well, even time often isn’t enough to work away stubborn adhesive marks.

If anything, these stains just become more difficult to remove. But, if you want to remove old window tint glue, there are lots of different methods that you can use to do this. To help you out, we’ve gathered 4 different methods that you can try to remove your old window tint glue. 

How do you remove old window tint glue?

As we have said, there are lots of different methods that you can follow to remove old window tint glue. To help you, we’ve gathered the top 4 methods together. So, if you are struggling to remove old window tint glue, try out these methods. 

Method One: Scrubbing

The first method that we would recommend for removing old window tint glue is scrubbing. This is a method that will require a lot of patience, but it is very effective. Wait until it is a warm sunny day, and then fill a bowl with warm soapy water. Soak all the glue stains with the warm soapy water and begin to scrub with your scrubbing brush. If any of the stains still do not budge, you can try using an ice scraper (that you would usually use on your car) to remove the most stubborn stains. 

Method Two: Goo Gone

If hot water and soap isn’t doing the job, you might instead choose to use this adhesive remover. Goo Gone is specifically designed to remove stains that are left by glue, so it should be effective in removing the stains. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging for your Goo Gone, and you should find that the old stains quickly disappear. 

Method Three: Alcohol 

If you don’t want to invest in a bottle of Goo Gone, you should instead buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol. It is very important that the alcohol that you buy exceeds 90%, as otherwise it will be unable to do the job. When you have your alcohol ready, take a paper towel or an old cloth and dab it with the alcohol. Then you should begin wiping at the stains on your windows. The strength of the alcohol should mean that they will quickly disappear. But, if you follow this method, remember to do it outside or in a well-ventilated area due to the strength of this alcohol. 

Method Four: Nail Polish Remover 

Finally, you can also use nail polish remover to lift these stains. While it might seem like an odd solution, nail polish remover is actually highly effective in removing a lot of stains. To do this, simply take a microfiber cloth and add some nail polish remover to it. Then all you need to rub at the stains, and you should find that they quickly lift away. Again, you should only ever use this method outside or in a well-ventilated space. 


In short, there are lots of different methods that you can use to remove old window tint glue. To help you out, we’ve given you 4 of the best methods for this job. So, if you want to find out more, read this guide.