How much does a ceramic tint job usually cost?

Car tinting is the process of applying a thin layer of laminate film to the inside or outside of the car windows, making the glass darker and more difficult to see through. Ceramic window tints, on the other hand, are films that are made from ceramic-based particles not visible to the naked eye. 

Using a ceramic window tint to the glass is preferred by many, as it doesn’t affect your ability to see out of the window as much. Traditional window tinting can darken the window no matter which way you look through it, becoming dangerous when driving. 

This is not an issue with ceramic tinting, so you can opt for a darker window tint without it affecting your ability to drive. For this reason, ceramic window tinting is now the preferred method of darkening your windows and protecting the interior of your car. 

But how much does this better method cost? There are a few factors that will affect the price of your ceramic window tinting, so it can be difficult to determine an accurate cost. Below are the factors that might make your quote higher or lower than the average cost. 

Factors affecting your ceramic tint job quote

Number of windows

Some people prefer to tint every single window of their car, while others will only want to tint the back three. The size of your windows will also affect the price, as larger windows will require more material. 

Ceramic tinting material is more expensive than traditional tints anyway due to the technology used within the wrap, so you can expect your quote to be more expensive than it would be if you were using a traditional tint. 


Some window tints will come with a lifetime warranty so that you can get it repaired if it ever starts to bubble or peel. However, others will only come with a shorter warranty period. The length of the warranty will often affect how much your tint quote is. 

Some installers will give you the option to opt-out of a warranty which would lower the cost, but we suggest keeping the warranty in case anything were to go wrong. Ceramic tinting can be quite costly, so a warranty will allow your purchase to be protected. 

Location and laws

Of course, the price of your ceramic tint will be affected by the state laws you’re under regarding window tinting. Some states have explicit rules as to how tinted your windows can be, so choosing a tint darker than this will affect the quote. 

The installer you opt for will also alter the price slightly, as they have the power to set their current prices. You should shop around to get an average estimated price for your tint job before opting for one company. This will prevent you from getting ripped off. 

Cost of a ceramic window tint job

Ceramic window tints are the highest quality film that you can choose for your tint job. This film does not contain any metal, dye, or other synthetic materials that would be undesirable for tinting windows. 

Instead, the film contains small particles of ceramic that are not conductive, meaning that they will not block cell signals, GPS systems, or radio waves. You can use everything in your car without an issue with ceramic window tints, which is why they’re so popular. 

However, this popularity and effectiveness come at a price – literally. This is the most expensive way to tint your windows thanks to the advanced technology required to make the film. 

Average estimates based on your car

As we have said before, the cost of your tint job is going to depend on a number of factors. The car you drive is one of the largest, as it determines the size of your windows and how much film will need to be used to cover them. 

Below are some of the most common cars and how much you can expect to pay to tint their windows with ceramic film. 


Sedans are three-box configured cars with separate compartments for the engine, passengers, and cargo. They’ll often have seven windows (including the two quarter-rear windows). 

For a ceramic tint job on a sedan, you’ll typically be looking at around $650 for all of the windows, or $100 for each window, if you’re opting for the highest performing ceramic tint film. 


A  coupe is a car with a sloping rear roofline and two doors. They are smaller than sedans and will often have steep rear windows or windows that are curved. These features will often require you to pay more for your ceramic tint job, with a cost of around $450 for all five windows. 


SUVs are a broad range of cars, but they are generally bigger than a sedan. You’ll be looking to pay around $750 to tint all of the windows.


Finally, trucks are large vehicles but they often have fewer windows than other vehicles. You can expect to pay around $350 for your truck tinting, although this will depend on the size of your vehicle.