What Is The Best Glass Cleaner For Tinted Windows?

We all want shiny and crystal clear windows in our car, don’t we? After all, the last thing we want is to be battling through streaks and cloudy patches to see the road ahead of us! But finding the best glass cleaner for our car windows can be challenging, especially when we have tinted windows.

We need a glass cleaner that will clean our windows and not damage the tint or glue used to seal them. Finding the right one can be difficult and leaves many of us in a state of panic.

Well, no more! We are here with the best glass cleaner for tinted windows. Keep reading to find your new glass cleaner, and all you need to know about cleaning tinted windows!

What is the best glass cleaner for tinted windows?

You have a few choices when it comes to glass cleaner for tinted windows. Chemical Guys Streak-free is a best seller and safe for use on tinted windows! The spray is easy to use and ensures your windows are streak-free and shiny for a pleasant drive. It’s an affordable option and ammonia-free too! 

You can use it with ease as it’s 100% non-toxic safe to use not only on tinted windows but also on clear plastic instrument panel lenses and the headlight and taillight lenses too! It comes in a range of sizes and dilutes with water easily to provide the clean you are looking for. 

Invisible Glass is another fantastic choice too for cleaning tinted windows. Again, the solution is ammonia-free, ensuring that no harm will come to your tinted windows! The money-back-guarantee provides customers with peace of mind, and the rave reviews speak for themselves! The spray bottle is easy to use and can even be used on all glass surfaces in your car or other vehicles.-

Not only does Invisible Glass keep your glass clean and shiny, but it also removes dirt, fingerprints, grease, bugs, and sap that land on your windshield. No longer will there be parts of your windshield that you can’t see out of; everything will be crystal clear. 

You could also try Sprayaway’s glass cleaner if you have a bit more money to spend. The fresh fragrance will leave your car smelling lovely as well as streak-free! Simply spray the ammonia-free solution onto the windows and mirrors and enjoy! 

This spray is very diverse; you can even use it on TVs in your home! It’s perfectly safe for use on tinted windows and will leave them clean and streak-free. You get a duo pack, too, meaning you can leave one in your car and have one at home for any glass you wish to clean! 

Any of these three options will be fantastic for cleaning the tinted windows in your car and ensure that no harm comes to them! When purchasing your glass cleaner, try and look for streak-free solutions that will ensure your glass is clear to see through while you drive. 

Spray solutions are the easiest to use, although solutions that are diluted with water won’t take much longer to use either. Be sure to check the label before using the glass cleaner. You want the label or product description to state that the cleaner is safe for use on tinted windows to avoid causing any damage to it. 

Check as well how to use the cleaner. Some will state specifically the kind of cloth that you will need to use when cleaning your glass. Ideally, you want a soft cloth that won’t scratch or damage the glass at all. Ensure that this won’t harm the tint either. 

It can also be worth speaking to the manufacturer of the tint or dealer that installed it. Often tints will come with a recommended glass cleaner that you can use. These tend to be formulated with the tint in mind and won’t harm your windows or their new tint!

What glass cleaner should I avoid?

Avoid any glass cleaner with ammonia. Ammonia is a substance known to damage glass tint. It can impact the glue and, in some cases, lead to the tint peeling away from the windows. Avoid generic glass cleaners too, or any that don’t clearly state their ingredients. 

As a general rule, if the glass cleaner doesn’t state that it’s safe to use tinted windows, we would avoid it. You don’t want to risk damaging your windows!

Final word 

And just like that, we have reached the end of our glass cleaner journey. As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic options out there that will keep your windows clean without impacting the tint! 

Remember to check the label to ensure no ammonia before you purchase and that the glass cleaner is safe for your windows!