What Tint Looks Best On White Cars?

White cars can look amazing with tinted windows. The contrast between black and white leaves your vehicle looking sleek and professional. For this reason, many owners of white cars opt for tinting their windows darker. 

Not only does tinting your windows make your car look more stylish, but it can also protect the interior of your car from harmful sun rays. UV rays can bleach the fabric inside of your car and make it look much older than it is. 

Tinted windows can also block some of the light from coming in, making it easier to see while you’re driving. This can actually make your car safer! 

However, tinting your windows is not as simple as booking it in and driving away with darker windows. There are different percentages that you can choose from to block out more or less light, and these will all look different on your white car. 

Let’s look at the different tint percentages that you can opt for, their benefits, and what they’ll look like on your white car. 

Window tint percentages

You can get window tinting done with films between 5 and 90%. This percentage refers to the amount of visible light transmission (VLT) that can enter through the windows with the tinted film installed. 

So, the lower the percentage of the window tint you opt for, the darker your tint will be. 90 to 60% window tints are very light and often won’t give your windows much color, so we’ll skip right to the most popular window tint percentages. 

50% window tint

This tint is perfect if you want some protection to the interior of your car without the windows being completely darkened. Half the light will be blocked from coming into the car, as well as heat from the sun and UV rays. 

Your eyes will also thank you with a 50% tint as they will be less strained and suffer from less glare from the sun, making your drive safer and more enjoyable. 

35% window tint

A 35% tint is the most popular tint percentage, offering more darkness than the 50% tint but still allowing you to see through it. This tint is incredibly stylish and sleek and is legal in the majority of states around the United States. 

20% window tint

Some people prefer to get a window tint that will both protect them and their car from the sun, as well as offering them more privacy from outside onlookers. Darkening your windows can be a great option for when you’d prefer people not to be able to see into your vehicle. 

You can still peer in through a window tinted with 20% VLT, but it’s difficult and you’d have to be right up to the glass to do so. Anything above 20% will not offer this privacy, so if that is important to you, we would opt for a 20% tint. 

Vehicles that come with factory tinted windows often display a percentage of between 15 and 20% so that you can enjoy lots of protection and privacy. 

5% window tint

Hard to believe, but there is such a thing as too much tinting. 5% is the darkest tint that you can get and is often referred to as a limo tint, as this is the only vehicle commonly authorized to get this dark tint. Private cars can also have a 5% tint as long as they follow other laws around them. 

You will not be able to see through this tint at all, and it will let in as little light as possible. Most states label a 5% tint as illegal, so don’t get your hopes up for a 5% tint. 

Which window tint will look best on a white car? 

Any tint will look good on a white car as the darkened glass will contrast nicely with the bright paint. However, for aesthetic purposes, we think that a 20% tint will look best. It is dark enough to give you that black and white contrasting look without being illegal. If you are able to get the 5% tint; however, this will look even better.

White cars can often dazzle their drivers thanks to the sunlight bouncing back from the white paint and up into their eyes through the windshield. A tint can help to protect the driver from this issue – even 50% would do the job. 


Overall, the darker the window tint you get, the better it will look on your white car. A 50% tint would still protect the interior of your vehicle as well as your eyes, but darker is better to contrast your bright white paint. 

However, if you want an even look all the way around your car, you might opt for a 50% tint so that all of the windows can look the same instead of having half the windows a different shade from the rest.