Will Goo Gone Remove Window Tint Glue?

Window tint is quick to apply, but can take forever to remove. Once you’ve scraped the window tint itself off, you may find yourself left with a sticky residue behind. This is the window tint glue, and it can be tricker to get rid of than the tint itself. Window tint glue might not impair your view, but it does look bad, and it may make a vehicle difficult to sell. 

Goo Gone, the popular glue clearing spray, can be used to remove window tint glue. This adaptable formula is designed to clear the messes left behind by dried glue. Although it has no effect on the tint itself, Goo Gone should clear up the glue residue.

Goo Gone is a trusted brand, with a large range of products designed specifically for removing adhesive. For a tricky substance such as window tint glue, powerful Goo Gone should be able to remove everything that’s clinging to the window. The formula breaks down the adhesive without harming the surface, so you’re left with a clear view.

If you want to use Goo Gone, it will likely be a simple process. In most cases, it shouldn’t require much scrubbing. If you have a large build up of window tint glue, you may find a little extra effort is needed for a completely clear surface.

How to use Goo Gone to remove window tint glue

  1. Before starting, always do a patch test. Goo Gone is a powerful adhesive remover, and a patch test is necessary to ensure that it won’t cause any damage. Spray a small, inconspicuous area with Goo Gone, and leave it to sit for several minutes. Wipe the Goo Gone away, and wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if there are no issues, the Goo Gone is safe to use.
  2. Wait for the right day to use it. Goo Gone works best on warm, dry days. If you can, leave the car in the sunshine to warm up before using, then move out of direct light. Avoid wet or cold days, if possible.
  3. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the windows (including the residue). Wipe the windows down gently, to avoid scratching. Using warm water will help to soften the glue, aiding the removal process. This removes any dirt that’s trapped in the glue.
  4. An extra step is to use a hairdryer, or a heat gun, to warm the window tint glue before removing. The heated air softens the glue, making it easier to lift away. You may be lucky, and find the hot air removes the window tint glue completely.
  5. Following the instructions on the bottle, apply the Goo Gone to the window tint glue residue. Wear gloves, to avoid getting Goo Gone on the skin.
  6. Window tint glue can be tricky, so it’s best to leave the Goo Gone to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Leave for longer if the glue is particularly thick. If the glue is thin in places, it’s possible to wipe it away immediately.
  7. Either wipe away the Goo Gone, or use a scraper to lift the glue away. Particularly stubborn residue may require some scrubbing. Use a rag and warm water, and avoid wire wool. 
  8. Once the window tint glue has been removed, polish the windows using warm water and mild detergent. This will remove any Goo Gone that might still be lingering.
  9. Wipe the window dry.

Goo Gone Original is an effective formula, suitable for use on all windows. Try applying directly to the glue. For small amounts of residue, dilute the Goo Gone in warm water, and wipe onto the window using a rag or cloth. 

The Goo Gone Spray Gel is particularly good for window tint glue. The thicker gel formula sticks to vertical surfaces, and won’t run off the window. This allows the user to spray and wait, so the Goo Gone can get to work.

Goo Gone Automotive is designed specifically for use on cars. It can be used on the body, window, and interior, and is safe on metal, plastic, and glass. 

If you’re still struggling to remove the window tint glue, then Goo Gone Pro-Power may be the best option. This professional grade spray is stronger and more powerful than the original bottles. Be sure to test the Pro-Power in advance.

Although Goo Gone can do a great job at removing window tint glue, it can’t remove the actual window tint itself. The formula is specifically designed for sticky residue, and will likely just give the tint a good clean.

Window tint glue residue is an annoyance, but luckily, it is fairly easy to fix. Goo Gone can easily lift off the sticky mess that’s been left behind, without causing any damage to the window.